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Grooming Hours

  Mon - Fri     8:00am - 5:00pm

$45 Full Care

  • Full Body Hair Cut

  • Bath & Brushing

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nails

$35 Up Keep Care

  • Trimming Face & Sanitary Trim

  • Bath & Brushing

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nails

$30 Basic Grooming

  • Bath & Brushing

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nails

Additional Services

  • $10 Nails Only ($5 per additional pet) - Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

  • $10 Microchipping for Dogs & Cats (there is a 1 time online activation fee of $19.50 to register chip in your name)

  • $20 Cat Shave

  • $50 Skunk Treatment (you must schedule with Groomer specifically for this service)


Terms and Conditions

The State of Iowa requires us to have up to date documentation of vet records. As your pets are updated on shots, we must also get an updated copy.


Owner must provide paper copy or email for Proof of ‘current’ Dog vaccinations 

  • Rabies – 6 months or older

  • Distemper/Parvo


All dogs must be on leash once they leave your vehicle * not all dogs being groomed/boarded are friendly - even if yours is.

We DO NOT sedate pets, but will muzzle, if necessary. TELL US if your dog has ever bitten anyone.


Most dogs do better when owners are not present.


We can only make your dog's hair a certain length depending on how bad the matting/knots are. Most knots can’t be brushed out and therefore hair must be cut shorter than the knots.


Please do not bring a dog to groom if it has wet hair. Our clippers can only go through hair that is completely dry.


Pets may be in a kennel for a short time before\after grooming. Please work with them on kennel training so they do not stress during this time.


Puppies – We recommend NOT giving them calming pills as they simply need worked with and are expected to be hyper.


Work with their feet * MUCH easier to trim nails & keeps from accidental bleeding from cutting too short.


Mess with their face and ears as those are the #1 most disliked places to be groomed.


If you prefer we groom your dog differently, tell us so I can make a note. We do 100+ dogs a month so knowing what length your dog had done previously or if you have a photo, it definitely helps. If you bring a picture of what you may want, know there are many variations of coats within the same breed. Many dog’s coats also change texture depending on age and time of year.  


If your dog nibbles or bites when being brushed do NOT stop. That teaches them they are in charge and creates bad habits. Especially when training puppies.

We have Gift Certificates. Great for any occassion!
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